Acupuncture treatment for back pain

Cause and mechanism

Local cause

Injury or pain from bone such as compression fracture, or pain caused of tumor, for example, pain caused of multiple myeloma.

Nerve-related pain(spinal segmentation)

The representative symptoms is the pain between the shoulder blades due to compressions of the root of the neck nerve.

Secondary neuralgia after herpes zoster.

Cases to be aware of :
Back pain associated with internal organs.
Back pain cause to abnormalities of heart, stomach, pancreas, Bile duct.

Back pain related the central nervous system

The pain is caused by stresss-related systemic muscle tension.

Chronic and persistent pain, nerve pain after herpes zoster, aftereffect of spinal injury, multiple sclerosis, and so on.

Our consultation in Tanaka acupuncture clinic.

To determine the cause

We carefully practice our medical interview and physical examinations to understand the root of the back pain.

What the trigger is.
Acute pain or chronic pain.
More pain with moving the shoulder.
More pain with moving the neck.

Feel the pain with rest.
The pain is increasing in a few days or in these few months.
The result of inspection at the hospital.
The result of medical examination.
Medical history.
We ask and listen these carefully and assess whether the acupuncture treatment is available, or the patients should go to see a doctor.

The purpose of acupuncture treatment for back pain

Our purpose is "to relieve the pain". Acupuncture treatment effects to "Ease or cure the muscle tension" "improve blood circulation" "Relief pain related brain or spine".

Initial consultation

 Initial consultation fee
 Adult 2,200 yen
Student/Pre-schooler 1,100 yen


Treatment fee

Treatment fee
Adult5,500 yen
Senior high Schooler/College student3,300 yen
Junior high schooler1,650 yen

※Tax included.
※We accept cash or payday.
※1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.