Acupuncture treatment for neck pain caused by wrong sleep

Tanaka acupuncture clinic since 1948, from the first generation to now (the 3rd generation), our clinic has well experienced and specialized in various range of neck pain.

Most of our patients visiting for neck pain by wrong sleep treatment feels the pain relieved in the first treatment. We give acupuncture treatment with very gentle stimulation to patients who is new to acupuncture, but 2 days is enough for improvement .
We take pride in acupuncture treatment for neck pain by wrong sleep, safer and speedy. We believe acupuncture treatment is more helpful and safer than the other treatments. We provide the best quality treatment for the best result for our patients.




田中はり灸療院 一同

For treatment
Carefully & Precisely

We value listening to the patient carefully.

"Felt the pain suddenly when I got up"
"Not painful with rest"
"Can't move this way at all"

A:Cannot face up to the ceiling.
B:Too much pain to tilt a head to the right or the left.
C:Cannot turn a head from side to side.

The muscles that cause pain varies depending on the pain. We carefully listen and ask the patient to find out the problem and to provide the appropriate treatment.

Explore other possibilities

Typical symptoms of the neck pain by wrong sleep are sudden pain, pain with move, no pain with rest,
no numbness or pain in arms, pain only in neck.

If the pain persists and gets worse in a short time.
If you are so sick and that make you sweat a lot.(autonomic symptoms)
If you have nausea, vomiting, or stomach ache beyond the neck pain.
You should go to see a doctor first, as soon as possible if you feel something unusual.

Many of the causes are the fascia

Here is the "innovation of the lower back pain treatment - the mechanisms of the pain"
from NHK TV program.  It says that the fascia is noted as one of the causes of lower back pain.  There are many things common with neck pain, so we think that the fascia has same problem in neck pain by wrong sleep, too.

Our acupuncture treatment relieves strain on the fascia with our technique.

Process and benefit
of acupuncture treatment

What's wrong with the fascia?
How do we relieve the pain?

We can check the process or the effect of our treatment while we provide acupuncture treatment, so it is possible to respond immediately. This is the benefit of acupuncture treatment.
We can change the acupuncture point, the depth of treatment, level of the stimulation
flexibly and appropriately and find the best for each case.

The ability of consultation and assuming the problems, and acupuncture techniques.
These are Tanaka acupuncture clinic's advantages.



The maximum effects and the lowest disadvantages

Most of our patients who have neck pain by wrong sleep come to our clinic as soon as they feel pain. Many of them had never experienced acupuncture before. If we provide the same stimulation, the effect is different on each person at the first treatment. So, we start our treatment with minimal stimulation as possible.

The severity of the neck pain and the sensibility for stimulation of acupuncture.
We consider those carefully and maximize  treatment effectiveness.

We guarantee the follow up treatment for the neck pain caused by wrong sleep treatment.
The initial treatment is 7700yen (including the initial consultation fee 2200 yen), and you have one additional treatment at no charge for neck pain caused by wrong sleep.
EX: the initial treatment in AM and additional treatment in PM on the same day.
the initial treatment one day and additional treatment next day.
Ask your acupuncturist when you finish the first treatment.

What we think of the treatment

If you go to orthopedics, X-ray exam and then you will get some painkiller and compress. But your pain never relieved while you want to ease your pain right now.
We have seen many patients went to some chiropractic or bodywork, unqualified practitioners and the pain got worse. Then they come to our clinic.

We can say the acupuncture treatment is the best treatment to relieve and improve your neck pain caused by wrong sleep safely.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin Fukuoka.

Initial consultation fee

 initial consultation fee
 Adult 2,200 yen
Student / Preschooler 1,100 yen


Treatment fee

Treatment fee
Adult5,500 yen
Senior high schooler/College student3,300 yen
Junior high schooler1,650 yen


※Tax included.
※We guarantee an additional treatment at no charge in 3 days after the initial treatment of the neck pain caused by wrong sleep.
※We accept cash or payday.