We are the 1st in Kyushu area to have an ultrasonograph !
Moxibustion treatment for breech baby

We have over 120 breech baby treatment annually

We have over 800 new cases a year, and 30% of them are infertility and breech baby.

As to breech baby, we have over 120 new cases a year.
Some of patients visit us again for the 2nd breech pregnancy.  They choose early treatment based on prior experience.

For every mom and dad

We have treated more breech baby cases than any clinic in Fukuoka have done.
Every patient has their own circumstances, such as "baby's position", "mother's health condition", "Multiparous woman or not",  "How does she want to deliver her baby",  "birth in Fukuoka or out of Fukuoka".

As a part of medical care, We try to provide appropriate treatment and information to support our parents looking forward to meeting their babies.

The joy and anxiety.
We keep trying the best support for happy and safe pregnancy and delivery.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka.

Under Covid-19

For our patients
For our staffs
For the society

Live a life with COVID-19.
Tanaka acupuncture clinic will continue it's practice with precautionary measures.
We try to have correct understanding and knowledge, and watch the social situation.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka


Our treatment policy

We check baby's position by using our ultrasonograph first.
If your baby is in breech position, We provide you moxibustion treatment for breech pregnancy.
We try to do careful consultation before we start our treatment, please do not hesitate to ask us anything you want to know.

Scientific viewpoints

株式会社 日立メディコ 電子走査形超音波断層装置 ECHOPAL(EUB-405)We were the earliest in Kyushu area to equip with ultrasonograph in 2015 for breech pregnancy treatment.

We believe that having the scientific viewpoints is necessary for all the acupuncturists as the medical field worker.
We also have an electron microscope to see male infertility.
This is Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka.

Breech baby and turn on their own

A doctor informs that a baby is breech. Some are visiting our clinic right after getting informed, some are visiting in a few days or even after a few week.  About 10% of them does not need any treatment because babies turn to head down position on their own.
To make sure the exact position by ourselves , we use ultrasonograph.

In Japan, there is a popular method for breech pregnancy called " SAKAGO TAISOU".  It's a method (a kind of light & safe exercise) for women with breech babies is inverting  their bodies to encourage the baby to turn on.
Please ask your doctor about it if you are interested in it, and receive instruction from a doctor or a midwife. It is better to know the exact your baby's position when you try this method at home.

Our goal is
Safe and happy delivery for mother & baby


Our goal is the same as you.
The best result for mothers and babies is safe and happy delivery. If you need our treatment, we carefully explain what we can do for you and your baby for now.

Can't say
what causes a breech pregnancy?

There are many different reasons why a baby might position itself the "wrong" way in the womb...

For example
1.If the woman have complications, such as fibroids in the uterus.
2.If the woman have abnormally shaped uterus.
3.If a woman has placenta previa.
4. If the uterus has too much or too little amniotic fluid,  then the baby has extra room to move around in or not enough fluid to move around in.

But the cause and effect do not always agree.  These are just inferences.
It is difficult to know the cause of breech pregnancies occur.

Why do breech babies turn on their own? The exact mechanism is unknown.
We expect that a baby can turn on (positioning head-down toward the birth canal.) if a baby is grown to be able to move itself and also has enough room to move around in.

Moxibustion treatment for breech baby
was built by obstetrician in Japan

20症例中16例改善 80.00%


584症例中525例改善 89.90%


These are the rate of breech baby improved cases by moxibustion which was presented in the Association of Oriental Medicine in Japan by Obstetrician medical doctor Ishino and Hayasida .

To start moxibustion treatment for baby around the 28th week, increase improving rate up to 80%.  Baby after the 28th week is able to move themselves easily, and at the same time moxibustion helps them easy to turn on.
If your baby is in breech position and you want to try our treatment, contact us right after the 28th week checkup.  We recommend earlier visit.

In Japan, we have common method to turn babies, "SAKAGO TAISOU" by yourself. Some are trying external version by a doctor,  before decide to take cesarean (C-section) .
Moxibustion, another choice for women with breech baby added in 1952, as a natural method.


Moxibustion treatment out of Japan


Cardini F,et al.:Moxibustion for correction of breech presentation:a rabdomized controlled traial.JAMA,280(18):1580-1584,1998.

The study suggesting  the effectiveness of moxibustion to breech baby on JAMA (medical journal of USA) , published in 1998. It says that provide moxibustion to 130 breech pregnancy cases, then 98 cases of those are corrected. No moxibustion for 130 breech pregnancy cases, 62 cases of them are corrected (babies turn on their own). This study says that moxibustion is seen as effective.

Moxibustion for breech baby

image101There are 2 acu-points for breech baby which is called  "san-in-koh"  and  "si-in".
Using "Moxa" a kind of Japanese herb, we put moxa or stick-on moxa on the acu-points and light it with the incense stick.  Not too hot, not burn your skin.  Acupuncturist carefully gives it by you.

around the corner of a little toe's nail
4fingers upper from the inner ankle

As to moxibustion treatment for breech baby, "si-in" is an effective point especially.




①Giving moxibustion to those acu-points.
②Reduce the intensity of uterine muscle. Relaxation of uterine muscle makes more space in uterus .
③Effects uterine artery and umbilicus artery.

Breech baby needs enough space to turn when they grow to enough size to move around. Moxibustion effects to make enough space in uterus which babies turn to right position.

The improvement rate of our patients


Baby turns on their own  -  15%
Baby already in the right position was found with our ultrasonograph when patients visited our clinic is 15% of our new cases.

Breech baby is improved with our moxibustion treatment  (confirm with ultrasonograph)  -  50%

Acupuncuture clinic without ultrasonograph's study report says;
Their improvement rate 80% includes cases which baby turns on itself, but the exact rate is unknown.
Acupuncture clinic with ultrasonograph's study report says:
Their improvement rate over 70% includes cases which baby turns on itself 20% and improvement after moxibustion 50%.

"External inversion - 16%"
We also explain about the method "external inversion" by a doctor,  at the first consultation.

If moxibustion doesn't work well,  but patients still have choice if they want to try something more. Consult your doctor for more details about external inversion if you need.

Treatment fee



Initial consultation fee2,200yen
treatment for breech pregnancy3.300yen
stick-on moxa (at home)1,650yen per box

※If your baby already turn to the normal position is found before our treatment (at the 1st consultation), initial consultation fee (2200yen) only.
※all the fee is tax-included.
※1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.


About our acupuncturist

Momoka Tankenaga
Yukari Iwasa
Makiko Endo
Akihiro Endo


Yumiko Fukuchi

Thank you for reading.
We have to say moxibustion treatment is very helpful but not absolute treatment.  However, moxibustion treatment has no side effects, it's a natural method.
We provide moxibustion treatment very carefully and gently,  so our patients feel comfortable and relax at the first treatment.  If you think about visiting our clinic, please feel free to contact us .
Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka.


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