Acupuncture treatment for frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder is a common disorder that causes pain, stiffness, and loss of normal range of motion in the shoulder.  Daily actions like changing cloths, fastening a bra, or taking something off an overhead shelf can be impossible when you have a frozen shoulder.
It affects many people mainly ages 40 - 50. (up to age 60 in some cases)

It has not been fully understood what causes a frozen shoulder but the process of symptom usually begins with  an inflammation of the shoulder joint,
An inflammation of the shoulder occurs because of the immobilized for long time by injury or surgery, or due to aging of joint tissue. The cause is uncertain in the most of the cases.

In our clinic, we have had so many cases since we established.
"Not released from the pain with any bodywork, chiropractic, or even rehab.  Not much change at all"
Those are what we have heard  from our patients.



Acupuncture treatment helps you to live a painless daily life.
We give gentle stimulation to the cell tissue with needles to bring out the human natural healing power.


Relieve the pain.
You can have a good rest and ease your daily life, and it helps your recovery.


Take the pain away and improve shoulder movement.
You feel easier to put on and take off cloths, shampoo or dry your hair, your job and houseworks.

For fully recovering from frozen shoulder, it takes time.
You need continued treatment  and we will continue our treatment carefully in stages to help your recovery.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic , Tenjin, Fukuoka.


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For our patients
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Live a life with COVID-19.
Tanaka acupuncture clinic will continue its practice with precautionary measures.
We try to have correct understanding and knowledge, and watch the social situation.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka

About frozen shoulder

Frozen shoulder affects to people after 40's , especially age 50's.

The cause has been uncertain, but one of measure cause is considered the inflammation of  the shoulder joint tissue due to aging. It usually begins with inflammation of the soft tissues, typically due to overuse.
The inflammation causes pain, and it is getting worse with movement, and limits the shoulder's range of movement.
Trying to avoid the pain caused by moving the shoulder, but it leads to further worsening the shoulder movement.(construction of the tissue)

Characteristic symptoms

【Reduce range of motion】
Pain and stiffness.
Too hard to stretch or raise your arm.


【Pain with movements】
Sharp pain (achy) around the shoulder by moving your arm. It makes you not to move your arm or shoulder.


【Hurt at night】
It may hurt more at night. You might have trouble falling asleep or can't sleep with aches.

When you notice disorder

If you feel pain or something wrong with your shoulder, you might go to see a doctor.

Your doctor may order exams such as X-rays or MRI to out other problems like joint deformity, tone rotator cuff, or any other diseases as necessary.

If you feel following conditions, you may go to see a doctor first.

The pain continues in rest.
You feel some pain but don't have any trouble or pain when you move your arm and shoulder.
The pain with physical exertion by walk or run.

It's very rare but cardiovascular disease or other medical conditions may be hidden.

To diagnosis 

Any abnormality and cause cannot be determine by exam (X-ray or MRI).

left:normal condition    right:frozen shoulder

To diagnosis
・shoulder pain = there is a inflammation around shoulder joint.
・inflexibility of shoulder = reduce range of movement.
・no abnormality by exam = out any medical conditions(diagnosis of exclusion).

As a result of these diagnosis, frozen shoulder will have a higher priority.



Typical three phases with a frozen shoulder

freezing stage⇒ frozen stage ⇒ Thawing stage
red line : pain
gray line : movement
progress of pain and contracture

Freezing stage : pain and inflammation

・You feel a pain in your shoulder, especially a sharp pain when you move your arm or shoulder.

・You feel stiffness, and are limited in how high you can raise your arms.

・It gets worse day by day and may hurt more at night.

・It's getting harder to take off and put on your cloths, shampoo and dry your hair.

・You might try not to move your shoulder to avoid the pain.  It leads to further worsening the shoulder movement.

【treatment for this stage】
First of all, the main purpose of our treatment  is pain relief.
We feel the need for acupuncture treatment as soon as possible to prevent worsening pain from our clinical experience so far.

More than anything, we want to relieve the patient from the pain even just a day earlier.
Your well being daily life is our goal.

Frozen stage : reduce range of movement, have contracture

・Your pain might get better, or turn into dull pain.

・Contracture is prominent. Reduced  range of motion of shoulder or arm.

・Moving your shoulder or arm above or behind  becomes more difficult. It becomes harder to get through daily actions.

・It is necessary to move your arm and shoulder in this stage to prevent further worsening the shoulder movement.

【treatment for this stage】
Your pain has passed the peak but you still have some pain in your shoulder.
We try to take the pain away, give you acupuncture treatment and guidance on rehab for improving range of motion for recovery.  

Thawing stage

・Disorder or pain is getting better with every treatment. You feel that the range of motion gets to go back to normal.

【treatment for this stage】
Towards a full recovery, we try to improve the rest of disorder and treat to further expand the range of movement.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic's treatment
Acupuncture and Super lizer


The feature of acupuncture treatment

Bring out the natural healing power with acupuncture

・We give the cell tissue of treated area a very small cut with needles to enhance the self-renewal capability and promote recovery itself.
・We will relive the pain with acupuncture treatment, not temporarily by pain medication or a shot.
・It's a gentle stimulation to the cell tissue for bringing out the natural healing power.
・We ask and listen a patient carefully and plan the treatment for each patient, each condition.
・We can check every treatment plan quickly by feeling the touch from the needle tip during the treatment, and can adapt or change it by each condition or stage.

It means you can always get appropriate treatment as the symptoms change.
This is the greatest feature of acupuncture treatment.

It is like the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.
Acupuncturists use the same procedure during every treatment.

Gentle and painless treatment is the Japanese acupuncture style

We mainly use fine-needles, It is thinner than our hair and almost same as mosquito mouthpiece.
The needle slip into the skin very smoothly and gently. No stinging pain, many of patients even don't know when needle slipped in.
Acupuncturists treat carefully for each patient's condition with a various types of needle.


For the gentle treatment

We also use a tiny plastic tube together with a needle called "SHINKAN" which helps needle to smooth slipping without stinging pain.
This is the Japanese acupuncture style which have been continuing for hundreds of years(since EDO Period).



We use disposable needle

All needles we use is disposable and under the same standards as medical needle hygiene management.



Our practitioners are specialists who have obtained national qualifications for the acupuncturist(acupuncture and moxibustion) after 3-4  years learning and training.
It is completely different from practitioners of massage, body work, or shiatsu.
Acupuncture treatment is a safe treatment, it has no severe side effects.

number of practitioner(2016)
massage, shiatsu37,780



SUPER LIZER is the linear polarized light type near infrared ray therapy equipment.
In our clinic we give acupuncture and use SUPER LIZER for treatment.

SUPER LIZER is used for various diseases and symptoms in many hospital and clinics.

It reaches deeper

Its near infrared ray reaches to deep nerve nodes, and apply a similar effect with the stellate ganglion block.



①A similar effect as nerve-block injections

It promote the parasympathetic so that excessive tension is relieved and calm down.


It increases systemic blood flow and effect to cure the damaged area.
Not only relieve the pain of frozen shoulder, it improves various symptoms including pain and inside the body condition.
We can expect the effect on systemic symptoms by illuminating SUPER LIZER.

Initial consultation fee

 Initial consultation
 Adult 2,200yen
Student・preschooler 1,100yen


Treatment fee

Treatment fee
Senior high schooler・College student3,300yen
Junior high schooler1,650yen

※Tax included
※We accept cash and payday.