Herniated disc
Acupuncture & Super Lizer (Near infrared irradiation)

The symptoms such as numbness or pain in the legs or hands cause by hernia haven't improved with any medication or rehab, but no surgery is required.
We have had a lot of such cases, and treat with acupuncture, moxibustion, and near infrared irradiation by Super Lizer.

We are well experienced of herniated disc or even other ailments, and take pride in providing the very best levels of treatment to all our patients !


Under Covid-19

For our patients
For our staffs
For the society

Live a life with COVID-19.
Tanaka acupuncture clinic will continue its practice with precautionary measures.
We try to have correct understanding and knowledge, and watch the social situation.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka

(Key hammer,  5.07 Monofilament,  tuning folk, 128c measuring tape)

Our acupuncturist, Endo Akihiro had learned at acupuncture clinic located within the neurology clinic in Yokkaichi, Mie.  He learned about herniated disc, nerve pain, neuralgia, orthopedic diseases, and so on.
We value the medical examination and physical examination from that experience.
`Is the nerve working normally?`
`Which nerve has abnormalities?`

We see the responses with using the key hammer which the neurology doctor use, and then we conduct a through diagnosis that includes listening, the medical history and other physical examination .

tendon reflex :deep reflex
Tendon reflexes occur by knocking the tendon or bone edge.


abnormality of reflexes
enhancement of reflexesassume that disorder could be above of reflex point
reduction or disappearing of reflexesassume that disorder could be reflex arch


We measure and check the difference of muscle left and right, and also check the numbness or weakness.
To work on the root of the problem is what we always value, and we take pride in that ability and providing personalized treatment to all our patients.

About intervertebral disc and herniated disc 

脊椎の画像We explain about intervertebral disc and herniated disc from an anatomical point of view.

Intervertebral disc is the rubbery cushions that sit between the individual bones(vertebrae) that stack to make your spine.


A spinal disk has a soft, jellylike center part(nucleus) encased in a tougher, rubbery outer ring(annulus) , and its absorb shocks on vertebrae.

椎間板ヘルニア説明図Called a herniated disk occurs when some of the nucleus pushes out through a tear in the annulus.
A herniated disc can occur in any part of the spine(cervical spine, lumbar, and so on). Depending on where the herniated disk is , it can result in pain or numbness in an arm if it occurs in cervical spine(neck), it can result in pain or numbness in an lower limb(leg) if it occurs in lumber part(lower back).

Diagnostic criteria


1. pain in lower back or leg /  mainly in one side
2. pain or numbness , or  other symptoms at rest
3. SLR test, positive / depend on age
4. find abnormality with MRI, but without  spinal canal stenosis
5. symptoms match image finding

「日本整形外科学会診療ガイドライン委員会/腰椎椎間板ヘルニア診療ガイドライン策定委員会:腰椎椎間板ヘルニア診療ガイドライン 改訂第 2 版.1,2011,南江堂」

Lumber disc herniation and pain

When the disc's outer ring(annulus) crack or tear in the lower back(the lumbar spine), the disc protrusion may push against the nearby spinal nerve root.
Or the inflammatory material from the interior may irritate the nerve. And then pains shoot into the buttock or down the leg.

Our aim in acupuncture treatment and using super lizer nearby lumber disc related to the inflammation is reducing pains and  inflammation.
Relieving the inflammation and reduce the pressure to nerve work to improve to symptoms.


Spontaneous regression of lumber disc herniation

It is known that spontaneous regression occurs in herniated disc.
So, we focus on relieving the inflammation to improve the pain and numbness, and then we expect smooth spontaneous regression.


Consultation and treatment
of herniated disc
that we value

There are 5 important steps in our treatment when we think of relieving the pain and the cause of pain.
"consulting carefully" "analysis" "finding the best" "treatment" "follow-up"

to know about our patient

As to medical consultation,
we want to know our patients, not only symptoms but patients themselves.
Every patient has different story and we take enough time for consultation and listen carefully to our patients.
How long have you suffered from herniated disc?  A few weeks, several months, years or more than 10 years...
What is the cause ?
In which part of the body you have pain or numbness.
How is the severity?
What is your most concern?
How about rectal bladder problem?

As physical findings,
Check the abnormality of reflexes,
reduced muscle mass or muscle weakness,
and range of pain and numbness.



Is it really herniated disc or other ailments?
Think whether its symptom is cause of herniated disc or not.
What the major problem is.
Analyzing the information we collect through the medical consultation and physical exam,
we consider all possibilities.

Finding the best

We seek "the best"  for our patient , what we can do, or what we should do for our patient as one of medical treatment.
It means that we mention the doctor to our patient depending on case.
There are some cases that they need to see a doctor or a surgery, in case of rectal bladder problem, or even it depends on their occupation or on their lifestyle.

We try to find the best way for the best result for our patient.

Our treatment in Tanaka acupuncture clinic

In Tanaka acupuncture clinic, we provide our treatment with acupuncture, moxibustion, and SUPER LIZER (Near infrared irradiation device).
We pursue more gentle and more effective treatment.

Gentle and painless
The Japanese acupuncture style

The acupuncture needle is very thin, thinner than injection needle, and it slips into the skin very smoothly and gently. It makes you feel no stinging pain at all.

We also use a tiny plastic tube with a needle called "SHINKAN" which helps needle to smooth slipping without stinging pain in our clinic.



Acupuncture needle is thin and needle tip is rounded

We use very fine needle, it is thinner than our hair and almost same as mosquito mouthpiece.



For safety treatment

We use disposable needles and provide our acupuncture treatment under the same standards as medical needle hygiene management, for our patient safety and our staff safety.



In Tanaka acupuncture clinic, we use liner ploarized near extra-red light irradiator named SUPER LIZER with our acupuncture treatment.
SUPER LIZER is used in a lot of university hospitals for various medical treatment.
It has 2 measure features below;
①Near extra-red light can reach deeply.
②It makes possible to heal wounds.

To combine acupuncture and SUPER LIZER, our treatment become more effectively.



①Activating parasympathetic nerve system

It works for activating parasympathetic nerve system and then providing a relaxing effect.  Some of unpleasant symptoms caused by stresses or irregular daily lifestyle is relieved.

②Effect to promote blood flow throughout the body

Improving parasympathetic nerve system effects to promote blood flow, and blood flow has been kept in good condition 15 min after irradiation.

Changes temperature of hands and face after irradiation



Initial consultation fee

 Initial consultation fee
 Adult 2,200yen
Student / Pre-schooler 1,100yen


Treatment fee

Treatment fee
Senior high schooler / College student3,300yen
Junior high schooler1,650yen


※Tax included.
※We take cash, paypay and credit card.
※1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.