KAOHARI / Cosmetic acupuncture

 Cosmetic acupuncture

For natural beauty

Based on our acupuncture treatment



To naturally help making the skin looks better,
younger and healthier.

To naturally help making the skin optimize your age

and enhance the appearance of your skin.


Introducing our cosmetic acupuncturist

Ms. Iwasa Yukari  is one of our acupuncturists and she performs cosmetic acupuncture, too.
Our acupuncturists including her are the national qualified acupuncturists.

The facial acupuncture for a cosmetic method is based on our acupuncture treatment.
An acupuncturist inserts about 43 fine-needles on face(and sometimes a few points on head, too) and run the very weak current through the needles.

These punctures improve the blood flow and better circulation, which work to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the skin cells. This helps promote the skin's glow and stimulates the production of collagen.

・Relaxed muscle.
・Increased circulation oxygenating the skin.
・Increased collagen production.
・Nourished skin giving a healthy complexion.
・Reduce eye strain and slight headache.
・Works for autonomic nerves (feel relax and sleep well).

She says "It might be working not only on facial expression or skin but also on the mind. This is what I am touched by their shining smile after finishing every treatment."

Our treatment is by appointment only, and she is the only one cosmetic acupuncturist in our clinic. So, please call us for the advanced reservation if you are interested in our cosmetic acupuncture.

Under Covid-19

For our patients
For our staffs
For the society

Live a life with COVID-19.
Tanaka acupuncture clinic will continue its practice with precautionary measures.
We try to have correct understanding and knowledge, and watch the social situation.

Tanaka acupuncture clinic, Tenjin, Fukuoka

A true beauty is not how ageless you look, but how gracefully you are aging.



Changing the impression of face

20's the outline of face is firm and sharp
30's  the whole face is getting rounded
40's each part of face is sagging
50's the effect on face looks flatter


There are several possible causes of those changes with age :

Structure decay
Reduced skin hydration
Reduced muscle mass
Poor facial expression and more...

The purpose of acupuncture for face ①
Activate cells with acupuncture stimulation,
it promotes skin turnover.


Our skin cell turns over at about 28 day's cycle. However its speed gets slower and cycle is disturbed due to decreased metabolisms with irregular life habits or with age. These are the cause of skin dullness or blemishes.

As the needles puncture the skin, they create tiny wounds and stimulate the cells. It makes the cells activate into repair mode, and increase metabolisms and promote turnover with their own natural healing power.



The purpose of acupuncture for face②
By releasing and soften facial muscles,
more relax, more expressive.

In present day, eye strain is commonly seen in many people,
and at the same time our facial expressions(muscle) become stiff.

Watching smartphone, PC, TV, Game, and so on...
Those irritates sympathetic nerve so that you are in a state of tension,
and muscles become stiff.
We, our facial muscle need to be more relax.

Cosmetic acupuncture releases and soften our stiff facial muscle, and then it relieves eye strain. You may feel more expressive, more relax.
It may not so big but it gives you some change in facial contour.

The purpose of acupuncture for face③
Effect deeper


stratum corneumbeauty products, esthetic
dermisphototherapy, laser treatment, press needle
subcutaneous tissue(fat)radio-frequency therapy, hyaluronan
muscular layerscosmetic acupuncture, botox, surgery

The purpose of applying a micro current through the needles①
Approaching to the slack of lines or face


The fat of the face is divided into some layers.(Refer to the illustration below)

④Ligament, which lifts the ⓷superficial muscle membranes,  made of collagen,
acupuncture and micro current stimulate ⓸ to activate the collagen.
It works to improve the slack of lines or skin of face.

Both of ⓸ and ⓷ are deeply related to fat sag or slack.


②subcutaneous tissue
③superficial muscle membranes

The purpose of applying a micro current through the needles②
Training for the facial muscle strength

There are more than 20 different muscles in the face and they make more than 60 facial expressions.

Same as the muscle tore on your body, exercise for the face is effective, but it is not easy to do yourself.
Cosmetic acupuncture and applying a micro current give good facial muscle tore, and then it can increase blood flow and distribute oxygen to the cell.


Cosmetic acupuncture after a cosmetic surgery

HIFU(high intensity focused ultrasound)possible
Thread liftpossible
Mesotherapy injectionpossible
Botox injectionpossible but after a week


If you have any question, ask us !

Is it painful??

Our needle for cosmetic acupuncture is 0.16mm, thinner than a piece of hair.

There are individual differences. You might feel a little pain at the first time, but your skin gets soften with every treatment, become less pain or feel no more pain.
Some of them even sleep during the treatment because of feeling calm and relax.

Our acupuncturist carefully gives you a treatment.


What is the frequency?

Basic recommendation is below. But you can visit at your convenience, or ask our acupuncturist.
She is the only one who can practice cosmetic acupuncture in our clinic, so please make the advanced appointment.

the 1st month / about once a week
the 2nd month / once every 10days
the 3rd month / every 2weeks

after 4 months, by coming monthly you can keep up with your result.(It can vary)

Does the blood come out?

It depends, but bruising(a kind of internal bleeding) is a possible side effect from any puncturing of the skin. However it only lasts a few days.
Some clients bruise easier than others, so think about your appointment if you have any important event.

You can still wear makeup. We wipe to clean the acupuncture point.


If you use medicine to improve blood flow, you are more likely to bleed and bruise.
We press to stop bleeding when it happens.

・Anticoagulant (ex: Bayaspirin) apply pressure for 10 min.
・Antiplatelet (ex: Warfarin) apply pressure for 7 min.

Initial consultation fee

 Age Initial consultation fee (cosmetic acupuncture)
 Adult 2,200yen
Student 1,100yen


Cosmetic acupuncture treatment


Cosmetic acupuncture(KAOHARI6,600yen *1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.
Cosmetic acupuncture and acupuncture for body9,900yen  ( 2,200yen OFF )  *1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.

Treatment fee
(regular treatment only)

診療項目Treatment fee
Breech pregnancy3,300yen
Senior high schooler/College student3,300yen
Junior high schooler1,650yen
Pre-schooler   880yen

※Tax included
※1,100yen will be added on Saturday and Sunday.


self-care products

 20pieces 550yen
Stick moxa(180pieces)1,650yen